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The Growing Factor

In BeautyZensations we add value to your business by supporting with last trends, knowledge, experience, branding and training.

Beautyzensations has a Department dedicated to assess the cosmetics industry in different countries and channels to determine what are the changes that occur to the sector.

Thus, certain strategies or proposals are defined to provide added value to those companies for which being at the forefront of changes to their customers is important.

Thanks to the expertise of these factors, our customers benefit from having the information necessary to guarantee that their products are positioned according to the current needs of their market.


With a great evolutionary process in recent years, the Beauty sector is immersed in a continuous change. Not long ago, the importance of the product rested solely on its quality.

The way to stand out from the competence, made brands of cosmetic and hair products were interested in searching other elements that allowed differentiation with competitors. There were born important factors, such as the image of the product, the packaging or the selection of ingredients.

The cosmetics sector is still in the midst of the battle with the noise of paraben free products and we already enter other elements “free of”, like Cruelty Free or Gluten Free, without neglecting the importance of natural products, where the beauty brands try to return to the origins and essence of their creations.



A Full Growth. We offer a complete program for Brand representation and International Training Resources.

Method created for Leaders, companies, managers, entrepreneurs and workers interested in discovering their potential and enhancing their achievements.

Participants will help each other in both personal and professional development in order to achieve their goals. Supported by the group experience, barriers or achievements, each of the group members will be able to open paths of collaboration and consolidation of the group's goals

We can commit to achieve much more than your goals. Your customers, your employees and you will all be satisfied not only by participating but by achieving more efficient results and improvement on Economic and Welfare Benefit.

The essential factors for developing your whole your potential.







We are Branders. In BeautyZensations we are in ♥ of innovation, design, marketing... we are in ♥ of sharing not only best discovers but the hidden branding enigmas.The best connection you can find when you want to impress. We dive into the branding ocean to share you astonishing stuffs. There are no hidden Top Secret Tips in BeautyZensations. What it's worthed, it's shared.