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100% Made in Switzerland products. With this brand, we offer the best quality products related to manicure and pedicure tools. A surprisingly and so perfect company that gives great opportunities for Spa, beauty centers or any company on the beauty market. The excellence for manicure, pedicure and Spa tools.

In 1971 Simon Keller Ltd.’s success story began very modestly in a small garage, which at the time served as storage space. In these 40 years, their family-run business has grown to 100 employees and become a leading supplier for the Swiss specialist retailers.

In addition to their core business, they also export successfully to over 40 countries worldwide their innovative self- developments, such as sterilizers, having sold 80,000 units of them by 2011! These swiss products are able to disinfect and sterilize instruments directly at the workplace within seconds.

Their latest innovation, which was launched in 2012, is a sterile disposable abrasive SwissFileCap. This sterile cap closes the last gap in footcare hygiene, enables professional working and, above all, makes for a lot of savings in time and cost.