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What is that thing that you and only you are offering to your market?

What is your unique proposition?

Do you have the Best quality, price, product, brand…???
that’s bull sh**t!

This can not represent your added value.

You, can’t control that! What’s that stuff which only you can control and decide?


That’s how BeautyZensations was born. We were in the middle of an acquisition for the brand we were working from 17 years when we understood that all our job, all our customers, all our future were leaving behind from the decision of a 3rd person. At that time we were not responsible of our present.

Have you thought what would happen if the brand you represent breaks your agreement? What would happen with your customers? Do you think they will trust you with a new brand or they would decide to keep with the brand you were selling before?

That’s why we created BeautyZensations. We understood we had to give our partners something unique which they could share to their customers. So if tomorrow you lose your brand you may not lose your customers. To do that, you need the Added Value.

Quality, Design, Experience, Knowledge… yes these are some of our values but not our Add Value. Our unique added value is our Roots Method.

BeautyZensations has it’s added value. No other brand, company or person can offer you the Roots Method. We own this method and we decide our present and future.

We want you help you have your own added value. To keep your future from the decisions you will take, not from 3rd choices.


We connect the best products and brands of the beauty and hair industry to those who care the most around the world.

In BeautyZensations we do Healthy Business. Our interest focuses on working with those people & companies that consider important not only getting developed professionally but personally.

BeautyZensations is a space of opportunities. BeautyZensations is a place to believe in Beauty Brands Opportunities.

With a team of experts with more than 20 years of experience in corporate branding in international markets, BeautyZensations encompasses those interests and opportunities necessary to join Great Beauty Brands with right representatives in over 100 countries worldwide.

Representing brands from countries including Spain, Italy and Switzerland, we have developed a strategy that have helped propel personal passions into professional beauty and hair brands know around the world.

In BeautyZensations we are interested to add value in this really nice segment. We are not looking for products involved in a price/promotion representation. We want to add value from the inner product till the outer partnership. We do offer results in branding and opportunities.

We travel the world to connect the right brands with the right partners. The beauty market is full of competition. The premises from BeautyZensations are discovering the right Beauty opportunities. We do represent Beauty & Hair brands with the best innovation, branding, marketing and development to add value in your business.

How does your brand differ from other brands in your industry?

While other brands may only work interested just in the annual turnover we are interested in appreciating your professional & personal growth.

In BeautyZensations we admire not only supporting with a great Beauty brand but helping your customers to improve their development

That’s a growing business. Not only a brand representation. You help your customers to grow so you will expand.

We are experienced to deliver value in the Beauty brand distribution.

In BeautyZensations we do connect Beauty brands with Beauty lovers using our Beauty Growth Method.


We are DOERS. We Do Business.

We’ve chosen the 3B. The Best Beauty Brands. It’s our time to Sharp your business.

We have the experience. We have Brand. We have the Added Value.

OK, so now we are nude. We shared everything... Who & How we are.

Are you ready?


If you are also a Doer, contact us:

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