Dibi Milano is a top Skincare professional brand. Dibi Milano is the most well-known professional brand in Italy and one of the Tops in the world. 
A brand with really astonishing results in the first session as it is rich in a combination of Science and Cutting-Edge Technology in its ingredients. 
Formulas are full of Vitamins, Peptides, and our Own Active Complex.
Since 1976, Dibi Milano is the reference point of Professional Aesthetics. 
Our DNA is contained in our name: DIBI, Biotechnology Division. The last frontier cosmetic scientification, a synergistic combination between research and technology, made in Italy. To offer unparalleled results and one method custom-made to measure. 
A 7 Stars Beauty Universe:

  1. 1976. We are the reference point for professional aesthetics for over 40 years, a symbol of professionalism and reliability and experience.
  2. Research & Innovation. We carefully select each ingredient to get effective, safe formulas from results real. Because we care about the future of our skin, and there we strive every day to guarantee beauty at all ages.
  3. Made in Italy. We combine cosmetic excellence, Italian soul and vision global, to create inclusive experiences and formulas.
  4. Tested Effectiveness. We are rigorous: no miracles, only real results, measurable. Tested in collaboration with the most accredited Cosmetic Research Institutes.
  5. Effective. Formulas are clinically tested by an external laboratory.
  6. Scientific & Technological Method. Beauty is a path that it requires analysis, method, objectivity and the support of professional consultants and cutting-edge technologies. To guarantee true results, total reliability and speed of action.
  7. Expertise. We transmit passion, knowledge and professionalism to our professional beauticians, to train consultants of capable and competent beauty. 

Cutting-edge technologies are developed from constant research to satisfy every beauty need.