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This compact eyeshadow has the perfect, high-payoff combination of brilliant color, easy-blending formula, and endless versatility. Available in shiny and matt textures. 


HOW TO USE?: In order to a achieve a professional and lasting look for the eyes, prepare eyelid with a touch of concealer. Then blend the eyeliner or the eye pencil used and apply at least three different eyeshadow shades: a light one, a medium and a darker one.

Apply your lightest color. Normally called a highlighter shade, this is typically a creamy nude eyeshadow. Use your stiff flat brush to put this on the inner corners of your eyes, sweeping it up and down to gather just slightly on the upper and lower lash line. Apply a light sweep of it as well just below your eyebrows.

Take your color in the medium shade. Use your flat brush to pat this color over the entire eye lid, from your lash line to your crease. Don’t go too much further above your crease or outwards from the corner of your eye. Use your dome brush with your darkest eyeshadow color to contour your eyelid. Start at the outside corner of your eye, and sweep the brush in a half-moon motion up and around to the center of your crease. Keep the shadow the darkest along your lash line, and fade it out as you move up. Use soft, sweeping brush strokes to blend the shadows